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Going local is the new trend:  there is more in live than mass tourism to well known sights or luxurious long distance traveling.  There is plenty more waiting for you to discover.

Below you'll find my recommended websites to search for best options/price to travel.


For selected European destinations/regions my tips follow here.  platform for air flights in Europe in small private jets (hobby pilots Mitflugzentrale): realized 6000 flights in Europe in 2017 (30% in Germany), reached already 7100 flights  for 2018.

here are the best travel websites

reduced & favourable travel deals:    for Travels from Germany for other areas, languages


too many low-cost airline portals or comparison portals.   publishes a huge number of ways to save money on air travel; from tips/tricks for finding cheap airfare to the best ways to maximize credit card rewards and even fly for free.


find world-wide private accommodations: (peer-to-peer travelsite, rooms/flats/houses in over34 000 cities, 192 countries)  (social travel site, >300 000 Adresses, 103 countries: rooms, appt, houses) for Korea

discounted prices for hotels, bed & breakfast (B&B):                  with room-rate tracker, by Tripadvisor

slow - movement

Nach der "slow food" Bewegung gibt es jetzt auch die bemerkenswerte "citta slow" Bewegung, die liebens- und lebenswerte Städtchen in verschiedenen Ländern anpreist auf ihrer noch rudimentären website


"Cittaslow, das ist eine Stadt, in der Menschen leben, die neugierig auf die wieder gefundene Zeit sind, die reich ist an Plätzen, Theatern, Geschäften, Cafés, Restaurants, Orten voller Geist, ursprünglichen Landschaften, faszinierender Handwerkskunst, wo der Mensch noch das Langsame anerkennt, den Wechsel der Jahreszeiten, die Echtheit der Produkte und die Spontaneität der Bräuche genießt, den Geschmack und die Gesundheit achtet..."

"Municipalities which join the association are motivated by curios people of a recovered time, where man is still protagonist of the slow and healthy succession of seasons , respectful of citizens’ health , the authenticity of products and good food, rich of fascinating craft traditions of valuable works of art, squares, theaters, shops, cafés, restaurants, places of the spirit and unspoiled landscapes, characterized by spontaneity of  religious rites, respect of traditions through the joy of a slow and quiet living."

Für Anders-Reisende auch zu empfehlen die aufkommenden "going local" websites: bietet für 43 europäische Städte Tipps von der lokalen Bevölkerung zu den besten Cafes, Restaurants, Museen und Sehenswürdigkeiten. Apps, PDF guide for 3 Eur each.


For Trails and hiking world-wide recommended with
945.717 members marked 1.899.249 Outdoor-Trails on detailed maps with 3.068.448 Fotos


For dog owners recommended: (FRA/NED) - Europe - USA &Canada, European chain hotels, import policies (FRA) - Europe

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